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Teaching Goal

According to the development process of real estate education in domestic market, we can found that the related knowledge of the real estate were scattered to different departments such as the architecture department, metropolis department (urban development), land administration department, land management department, economics department, the financial department and law department

Therefore, speaking of the real estate vocational education, how to deal with the range of the various and complicated knowledge and construct its category and development direction, depends on the explicit of education goal and position.  

From the promulgation of the government , the goal of the vocational education , are to instruct application and technology, foster practical professional people, cultivate the moral in occupations and sprit of expertise, and nourish the perfect personal character and sentiment. Therefore, in order to follow up the promulgation, and consider the market of man power demand. , we have drafted the goal and direction of real estate education as follow:  


Education for practical business and market requirement unification

  The primary mission of real estate education is to train students for employment. Especially the system of the vocational education, the instruction of knowledge require to emphasize on the practical usage . Besides, instructors not only teach the necessarily basic and current knowledge used in the market, but also need to predict the tendency of the market development and the requirement of our government, in order to integrate the cultivation of intellectual people and the requirement of the employment market .

Fostering accurate industrial concept

 According to the visitations from different industries, we have found the employment opportunities for students to obtain jobs have mainly several reasons such as working attitude toward to the jobs, lower cost of man power, and high stability. Especially the positive working manner is cared by every entrepreneur. Therefore, the teaching procedure still have to be focused on cultivating students how to respect and enjoy their occupations, subduing the concept of responsibilities on their jobs, and analyzing the business contents and characters of the correlation in real estate industries, and arranging observatory businesses and winter- summer practical trainings, students are able to depend on their individual interest and talent to choose suitable occupations for themselves.

Emphasizing on the management ability training for intellectual people cultivation

 When considering the 4 years training , knowledge cultivation and market requirement in real estate technology institute, our teaching goal will foster the intermediate management level and management capacity for students.

Characteristic development combining domestic industries 

 The study of real estate is the spatial issue. During the procedure of the instruction study, the most direct article is deprived some correlative courses form Kaohsiung and Pintung areas near our school. Therefore, the plan of our department will combine the conditions from different industrious such as giving an impulse to Pacific transportation center in Kaohsiung and the development of recreation and amusement resources in Pingtung, in order to foster intellectual people and innovate the specialty of the real estate department.

Emphasizing on the affiliation of technology and constructing the completion of academic scholarship

 The professional knowledge of the real estate combines different academic theories such as the management of real estate, business management, finance, accounting, and information management. Therefore, depending on the integration of the various academic subjects, we establish the whole real estate knowledge domestically.